Urine Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers

We have the best urinary bags to protect health. If you are highly sensitive to frequent peeing, use our flexible easy-to-wear bags. We are the supplier of urinary bag for collection of urine.


  • Our affordable urinary bags have no allergens.
  • It is puncture-resistant with durable texture.
  • It improves higher tactile sensitivity.
  • It is the best custom easy to handle urinary bag for everyone who wants extreme safety,comfort and pleasure.
  • Ambidextrous elite people are able to wear the urinary bags.
  • No injury to bladder while peeing
  • 100 percent quality

We supply new brand durable and flexible urinary bags to people in Europe and other parts of the world. Our best products ensure superb life security and healthcare. For smooth urination, wear our new cost-effective urinary bag. Feel free to buy our top urinary bags at the competitive prices. We are available for giving you the best easy-to-maintain urinary bags. UG Supplies is the top manufacturer, supplier and exporter of urinary bags in Malaysia.

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