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U.G. Supplies is a leading brand in the industry of Medical and gloves products in the worldwide market. We are a reputed manufacturer and wholesale supplier of top hygienic Latex, Nitrile, surgical sterile/non-sterile gloves with a wide collection of healthcare kits to protect millions of lives. This world-famous company maintains 100 percent quality of all types of surgical or medical gloves, masks, disposable catheters, surgical gowns, and birth kits as well.


Everybody tries hard to live peacefully without infection and diseases. Especially, they need the utmost life care and health maintenance to overtake Covid 19 virus. We appreciate their struggles to survive in this critical situation. Therefore, we supply qualitative, durable, and eco-forward medical gloves and other healthcare products at discounts. We keep in touch with the demand of trillion survivors. Therefore, we select the best healthcare products like brand surgical gloves and medical costumes/healthcare toolkits for you.


Our management has awesome resolution and great plans to distribute cost-effective surgical gloves at competitive prices. People can buy their 100 percent hygienic surgical gloves and other medical accessories from our one-stop store online. Visit our official domain and do the registration. It is simple to contact us for order processing. We value the lives of children and pregnant mothers. We give them soft and easy-to-use medical gloves and disposable catheters.

Join us for facing this tough situation when we must be united to save the world from Corona. We must help you fight back to resist this pandemic infection. See our other activities by hitting the official website of U.G. Supplies and feel free to purchase medical gloves/catheters and other unique healthcare products from us.

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About Us

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